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Urban Design

On this tour we will walk through some of our old and new urban precincts like Barangaroo and Darling Square. We will cover some unusual architecture in the inner city and then catch a tram to the CBD. Plus chat about some history of Sydney along the way. BOOK by contacting me. 

  • Duration : Over 3 hours, walking around  Sydney foreshore and CBD
  • Kick off at Barangaroo
  • Price :
    AUD$150 for 1 person
    AUD$220 for 2 persons
    AUD$270 for 3 persons
    AUD$300 for 4 persons
    (Cost of public transport extra, if used on tour)
  • Learn the key photography principles, such as composition, lighting, depth of field, etc. that are fundamental to getting a great photo
  • Learn basic and advanced iPhone camera tips and techniques, to get the most out of your iPhone camera
  • We’ll discuss some strategies and a quick demo of editing techniques
  • Get a FREE lens kit for your iPhone (macro, wide angle and fish eye lens)
  • Learn how to take macro photos that help reveal incredible detail in close up
  • Learn how to use the ‘LIVE’ shooting mode in different ways
  • Get some interesting long exposure photos
  • Learn the power and relevance of Black and White photography
  • Learn how to transform your photos into art by some of the master artists. Can you imagine how Picasso would have seen the QVB ?!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring some water
  • Tour is subject to weather, lighting and other factors and may vary on the day