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Flora and Nature

On this tour you will get an opportunity to photograph the art and beauty of nature. Even a simple leaf, has so much art. Get close to plants and flowers with a macro lens and discover a world of photographs that did not exist ! We will visit the Royal Botanical Gardens and if time permits, Hyde Park. BOOK this tour by contacting me.

  • Duration : Up to 4 hours, walking around the Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Kick off at Royal Botanical Garden
  • Price :
    AUD$150 for 1 person
    AUD$220 for 2 persons
    AUD$270 for 3 persons
    AUD$300 for 4 persons
    (Cost of public transport extra, if used on tour)
  • Learn the key photography principles, such as composition, lighting, depth of field, etc. that are fundamental to getting a great photo
  • Learn basic and advanced iPhone camera tips and techniques, to get the most out of your iPhone camera
  • Get some amazing macro close ups of flowers and other things nature, what the naked eye cannot see
  • We’ll discuss some strategies and a quick demo of editing techniques
  • Get a FREE lens kit for your iPhone (macro, wide angle and fish eye lens)
  • Learn how to take macro photos that help reveal incredible detail in close up
  • Learn how to use the ‘LIVE’ shooting mode in different ways
  • Get some interesting long exposure photos
  • Learn the power and relevance of Black and White photography
  • Learn how to transform your photos into art by some of the master artists. Can you imagine how Picasso would have seen the QVB ?!
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and bring some water
  • Tour subject to weather and lighting and may vary on the day