Kunal understands light so well that you do not need a high end camera to take amazing pictures. Redefines photography.
One of yours and one of mine.

Mala, Melbourne

wow ! this was such fun ! thanks Kunal for a wonderful learning experience. I am now able to look and see much beyond the obvious and notice so many photo opportunities, all of a sudden ! You sure know how to get the most out of your iPhone camera and  I realised that even though I took a lot of photos before, I just didn’t know how to make them picture perfect. Editing can also make such a huge difference. And the macro lens just blew me away !  I highly recommend this to anybody with an iPhone and a love for photography.

John, Sydney

Thanks Kunal for a highly enjoyable and educative photography experience. You have opened my eyes, not just to a new way of looking at the world around us, but also to the results an iPhone camera can achieve. So many features I wasn’t even aware of ! Wish you are able to have your ‘eyephotos’ exhibition dream come true 🙂

Robert, NZ

I had no idea what I could do with my iphone camera ! Thanks Kunal for sharing your tips about what makes a great photo, as well as how to get the best of my iphone camera. There’s so much I learnt from you….enjoyed your sense of humour too :-))

Matt, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and learnt so much about how to get the best photos with my iPhone ! There are so many things I just didn’t know, like how to use the ‘live’ mode for long exposure !  Kunal really has an eye for photos and his passion is infectious. Thanks, you have made me think differently about taking photos with my iPhone …