What are eyephototours ?

I offer ‘eyephototours’ for people with a wide variety of interests. Currently you can pick from between 3 ‘subject based’ options, based on what appeals to the photographer in you. You can learn more about each under the ‘Tours’ tab. These are the 3 areas of subject focus. 

  • Sydney Icons
  • Nature and Flora
  • Urban Designs

What  will you learn on the eyephototours ?

  • The fundamental principles of photography, including key areas like lighting, composition, depth of field, etc., and how they can also be applied to iPhone photography. These principles are the foundation of any good photograph and will help you make even familiar things look fresh

  • Several basic and advanced iPhone camera techniques and (hidden) features, that will help you get some impressive and very shareable pictures.  I’ll share with you things like how to get long exposures, change the depth of field, take macro pictures and even capture a photo at a high shutter speed, capturing just the right moment !  Check out the photo of the tree on the right. Did you know to get such a wide angle, but vertical, picture with your iPhone camera ? 🙂

  • Some editing techniques. So much depends on what you do with the photo once you have captured it. Editing simple things like composition, vibrancy, shadows, etc can transform you photos from good to great !

  • Simply being mindful of all the photogenic things that surround us on a daily basis, developing an eye for a great photo.
  • How to convert your photographs into art, as if Van Gogh painted it for example !

  • Depending on which tour you pick, you’ll learn a bit more about that subject area. Whether it’s the Harbour Bridge or the Sydney Opera House, or the flora and nature of the season

  • A bit about Sydney, it’s history, culture and where to get the best coffee !

3 ‘clip on lenses
for your iPhone

PLEASE NOTE: It is essential to have an iPhone 6S with iOS 10, or later versions of both. Make sure your battery is fully charged when you turn up 🙂